Our Commitment


Building a new home, or renovating your existing home, is possibly your single biggest investment. Here at Design and Build NZ we understand the importance of this and strive to deliver the help you need every step off the way.


We have heard that a major concern between clients and building companies is the lack of regular communication. At Design and Build NZ we keep you in the loop, and up to date with your project's progress. Regular meetings are scheduled, to discuss the development of your new home or renovation along with the support of progress photos, phone calls and emails. 


Open book

At Design and Build NZ we offer a unique “DBNZ open book” policy which has gained huge popularity with our clients. This gives you access to every invoice supplied for materials and sub contractors, along with access to our builder’s time sheets. This gives you the luxury of knowing where every single dollar of your money is being spent during the project. Of course we also offer full contract and charge up options.



At Design and Build NZ, we are yet to build a house where changes haven't occured during the construction process. We understand that this is likely to happen and we are happy to accommodate for changes whilst working alongside you to get the best result. We want to help you achieve the house you have been dreaming of.



We are passionate about building and delivering the best possible service. We provide a professional service that can be difficult to find in the building industry.


Sub Contractors

23 years in the building industry has allowed us to gain access to sub contractors who are the most skilled and reliable in the industry. Every sub contractor we use is a registered craftsman who consistently delivers quality workmanship.


At Design and Build NZ, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest standard of quality workmanship and are proud of the projects we produce. Therefore, we are happy to offer a bullet proof Master builders 10 year guarantee on all our projects



Master builders Guarantee


Completion Cover– You will be covered up to 5% of the contract price or $25,000 including GST (whichever is the lesser) for loss of the deposit if the building hasn’t started. For non-completion, you will be covered up to 10% of the contract price or $40,000 including GST (whichever is the lesser) if the house or work isn’t finished.


Workmanship and Materials Cover

You will be protected for a full 2 years against any defects in workmanship and materials after completion of your home underwritten by Master Build Services.


Structural Cover

You are covered until the tenth year anniversary of the date of acceptance for any structural defects in your home.


Maximum Aggregate Cover

The maximum aggregate cover provided by the Master Builders Guarantee is $500,000 or the full contract price, including GST and excluding the value of any land (whichever is the lesser).

Full details are set out in the Master Build Guarantee Document.