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Meet Scott Peters

Founder and Director of Design and Build NZ

My career began working for a local Devonport building company, renovating villas and completing a few new house builds. From there I headed overseas for a couple of years. I spent my first year in Banff, Canada, where I completed four new house builds. I then hit london, and spent my time renovating apartments in historic buildings. After a year in sydney working on the movies Matrix two and three building sets, I then returned to NZ to live in Queenstown.


With a building boom going on I decided it was time to start my own company. I had always been really interested in house design and drawing plans so I started learning architectural drafting online and attended courses while building as well. Busy times. The hard work paid off, the vision to have a company that could run a project from "concept to completion" was now a reality.


Design and Build NZ formed in 2003 and started both drawing and building the project. After 7 years designing and building in Queenstown and now a family man with two young boys it was time to return home, to Devonport.

I have always loved my job and I am extremely passionate about building. So make the first step, contact me and together we can build your dream home.

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